Sunday, October 7, 2012

EDSS 555 Lesson Assessment

My lesson was designed around Early Advanced standard for listening and speaking - Participate and initiate more extended social conversations with peers and adults on unfamiliar topics by asking and answering questions and restating and soliciting information. The topics of the lesson were biomechanics and weight lifting. Students were unfamiliar with the topic. I used two formative assessments and one summative assessment. The first formative assessment I used was observation. Since the standard talks about students participating and initiating social conversations with peers and adults, I walked around and listened in on students conversations. I would ask students about the concepts that they were going over during the activity. Another formative assessment was having students think-pair-share the following questions: At which point during an exercise, were you performing an eccentric contraction, and at which point were you performing a concentric contraction? How do you know if it was eccentric or concentric? My summative assessment was a worksheet that students turned in at the end of class. The worksheet had students answer questions about the concepts they learned about during the class session.

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