Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog post #5

This semester, I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students. They are able to design and write a fitness program using content vocabulary that describes in detail how to implement a program. They understand and can explain physics terminology and how it relates to performance in sports and other physical activities. They can work together and think critically to solve-problems and develop strategies for a variety of sports and physical activities. Some students have difficulty with spelling and grammar. Diary September 30, 2013 My literacy rich classroom looks different than others because as a physical education teacher, I do not have the luxury of working in the classroom. However, my class provides for rich literacy development. Students are taking notes on key vocabulary terms in the content area. Students are collaborating with one another to critically think and solve problems. My students are engaged in activities that relate to the key vocabulary terms. Students apply concepts during lecture into game-like activities. Students are engaged in simple writing assignments that talk about the five components of health-related fitness such as what benefits does cardiovascular training have on their heart. Students are reading articles about a variety of topics in physical education. Students are reading about nutrition, sports, ergogenic aids, etc. Students are also reading from the text book about similar topics. Diary December 15, 2013 My literacy rich classroom looks like a combination of key vocabulary terms and application of those terms. When students are in the weight room they are writing down their ENS fitness goals. Students read the print outs that are posted along the wall, which explains how to perform the exercise and also provides a picture. Students work together to solve physics questions. Students are designing and writing a fitness plan that can be implemented for 6 weeks. My students are learning about and engaged in various activities and sports. Students are learning about self-defense, volleyball, and weightlifting. Students have plenty of opportunities to practice and develop the skills for each activity. My students are reading various news articles about incidents that have occurred in the San Diego area that deal with self-defense. Students read and analyze the article and discuss how they can learn from these incidents to make sure that they are safer. Diary May 30, 2013 My literacy rich classroom looks like students being able to seek out information from various sources such as textbooks, school library, internet, etc. to write a life-time fitness project that includes a fitness program, nutrition plan, and physical activity plan that lists various activities that they would participate in for a life-time. Students are engaged in a variety of activities such as gymnastics, yoga, soccer, and weightlifting. Students continue to apply concepts that they learned from previous units and applying them to the present activities. My students are capable of independent learning in the following areas: being able to read about, plan, design, and write out a lifetime fitness plan. Students are capable of independent learning by being able to read the various print outs that talk about how to perform drills and activities and perform them without asking the teacher. Students are able to teach each other and learn how to perform a variety of skills.

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