Sunday, November 11, 2012

EDSS 521 - Blog post #4

1. Report Learning in the 21st Century Mobile Devices + Social Media = Personalized learning – Summary - The report provided some data that showed 50% of 9th-12th grade students own a smart phone and 21% own a tablet. With this increased access to mobile devices, there are more personalized learning opportunities for students. 85% of parents feel that it is important to be able to involve technology in an effective way to help their child be successful. However, some principals have concerns about allowing students to use mobile devices. Some of those concerns are: theft, untrained teachers, and can cause a distraction. Reflection – After reading the report, I feel that technology will be a great way to engage students in the class. Something that really surprised me was the amount of parents that felt using technology effectively in the class is important for their students’ success. What didn’t surprise me was the amount of 9th – 12th grade students who own a smart phone. I recently worked with elementary school students, and most of the students had an iPhone or an iPad. I will use this information by starting to implement technology more in the class. More specifically smart phones and tablets. Any type of phone or tablet can be used to videotape a performance and students can analyze their performance right there in class. 2. Video Response – Students Speak Up to President Obama about how to improve their schools. - Summary – Various high school students from the east coast, discussed what they would do to help improve education if they were President. Some of the suggestions were to increase the amount of technology used at the school and inside the classroom. One student had a great idea to require at least two courses that teach students how to use technology. Students also discussed that they wanted more hands-on experience and that their teachers provide challenging activities. Reflection I thought this was a good video because I was able to hear from a variety of perspectives on what the students would like to see change in their schools. It is much better to hear from the students rather than teachers or administrators because we are there for the students. I think some of the ideas that students provided are out of the teachers’ hands. However, I feel that teachers can make a difference with some of the ideas that the students had. Something that surprised me was one of the students talked about wanting to be challenged. Most students I talk to pick certain classes because they are easier. Something that did not surprise me was the amount of technology that students wanted to be implemented in their schools and their classrooms. This will inform my teaching in a few ways. I will try to implement more activities that use technology in my class and also provide activities that will be challenging for the students. 3. YouthTeach2Learn – I think this first step would be to approach the administrators of the school. I would discuss with them what the program is about and what benefits the program has. The administrators can work with the administrators at the elementary school to organize the program. Next, I would have to talk to teachers and students who would be interested in becoming part of the program. I would have students sign up for the program. I think the benefit of this program is it gets high school students involved in their community by enriching the learning experience of elementary school students. The elementary school students look up to the older students and they would be really excited to have the high school students teach them. The high school students benefit because they are teaching the material to the students. The best way to learn the subject matter is to teach it. This program is also another way to get high school students involved with their school. Some students may not go out for athletics, drama, dance, and other extra curricular activities. So, this program can be a great way for them to get involved. The video talked about students teaching math and science. I think it would be great to be able to include other content areas. Students may want to join the program, but math or science may not be there strongest subjects.

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